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A Little About Us

DEParkins.com, owned and operated by the DE Parkins Group, specializing in all the essentials of doing business on the internet. From web design, maintenance and hosting, to positioning, marketing, advertising and consulting services, DEParkins has the expertise to present your business in a professional manner.

With over 35 years in print/marketing design, and almost 20 years in commercial website designs, search engine positioning, and marketing services we have the knowledge and expertise to effectively enhance your business on the Internet.

David is our Client Services Director and has been involved with all of this since the early '70s when he opened his first design and printing business.

Several strong points he brings to the team are print and web design, and navigation studies both in Internet and Intranet projects. Other strengths include project management, executive level consulting, customer fulfillment projects, and a seasoned understanding of marketing and advertising strategies with regard to a client's objectives.

These past years he has worked within the corporate environment in Internet and Intranet website design, positioning, consulting, marketing and finally as DEParkins.com. Having worked with such notable as:

  • Barnett Banks (Bank of America) - (Departmental site design & webmaster training)
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield - (Intranet consulting and “University” site development)
  • Computer City (Tandy/Radio Shack) - (Intranet marketing and consulting)
  • Cardinal Logistics Mgmt - (Recruiting, Ad/Media Buyer, Internet/Intranet)
  • CSX Transportation - (On-line forms, MS Word to Acrobat (pdf) files and site design)
  • Landstar System - (CorpCommDept - site design and maintenance)
  • National Training - (Site design, maintenance and marketing)
  • Winn Dixie - (Intranet consulting and site development)

He has also worked with many small to medium businesses, developing Internet sites. David has a good perspective on how the Internet can best serve your business needs in the areas of marketing, communications, customer satisfaction, and the bottom line.

Jackie is our Project Services Director and has been involved with computers and the Internet since 1994. As the first employee of AugLink Communications, the first Internet Service Provider in the N.E. Florida area, she has watched the Internet grow to what it is today.

The skills she brings to the team are print and web design, database creation and maintenance, mailing list management, customer fulfillment projects, presentations, and a strong knowledge of all the Microsoft Office® products.

She is experienced in both the creation and maintenance of online shopping carts. Having grown with the Internet from simple, static web pages to the exciting, interactive sites that are so prevalent today, she has a good understanding of what works.

She is well versed in search engine submittals, positioning, placement and indexing. Prior to DEParkins.com, she was employed by a software group that has grown into a major producer of interactive Internet and Intranet based applications for foodservice giants such as:

  • Nabisco - (developed custom internet-based application)
  • M & M Mars - (intranet development and implementation)
  • Rich Foods - (developed custom internet-based application)

Geoff is the newest and youngest member of our management team, serving as our Programming Services Director. He is well versed in the latest technologies such as Flash, Fireworks, PHP and MySQL. He also leads our efforts involving special client coding projects. His graphic design and concept planning skills are excellent. He brings the use of current imaging and design to the forefront while balancing it to the client's taste and needs. His "can-do" attitude is part of the reason DEParkins.com offers quality business websites at affordable prices.

Your time permitting, please contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have concerning business on the internet, print design and the value-added services we offer.

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